Wedding Memories

Don’t let the moment pass you by.

You’ve brought your friends and family together for a celebration of your happy union; a moment to capture in photos and on video to share and remember in years to come. The trouble is, the day goes by so quickly and despite your best efforts you can’t spend quality time with everyone who wants to wish you well. How can you grab those wedding memories before your guests go home? How can you give them a fun and personal way to share the moment with you? Thankfully that worry is a thing of the past when you include a video booth in your plans.

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Lead Generation Marketing

If you’ve ever worked a trade show, an expo or a conference, you know that a big part of it is gathering leads to fill your sales funnel. Companies try all manner of tactics to grab the attention of new prospects, from the simple fishbowl business card drop to giveaways and special offers. The downside is trying to measure the ROI on a t-shirt or whether the name on the business card is someone who actually wants your business. You really need more information and a better reward for stopping by. There has to be a better way to succeed at lead generation marketing. The good news…there is a solution.

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Employee Engagement

Are you getting the most from your staff? What kind of culture does your workplace encourage? Do you feel valued as an employee? These are profound questions that concern HR departments across the country. The growth of social media in the workplace as a tool for communicating and engaging is changing the way business and workers relate to one another. But how do you get them started? And how can you make it easier to manage? If a customised integrated technology solution existed to help with employee engagement, would you consider it?

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